General Surgical Instruments

Bandage, Crown and Dissecting Scissors
Episiotomy, Gynecological and Iris Scissors
Angiotribes, Atrauma and Bile Duct Clamps
Micro and Nasal Scissors
Plaster, Stitch and Wire Cutting Scissors
SuperEdge SuperCut Scissors
Umbilical, Tonsil and Titanium Scissors
Tungsten Carbide Scissors UltraCut
Tenotomy, Thorax and Vascular Scissors
Operating Scissors
Bulldog Clamps
Dissecting and Ligature Forceps
Hemostatic Forceps
Hysterectomy Forceps
Kidney Pedicle Clamps
Micro Vessel Clips and Nerve Approximators
Amputation and Autopsy (Postmortem) Knives
Skin Graft, Trigeminal, Tonsil and Cartilage Knives
Organ Grasping and Peritoneum Forceps
Towel Clamps
Tubing Clamps
Dissecting and Operating Knives
Micro Scalpel and Scalpel Handles
Dressing Forceps
Sponge Holding and Sinus Forceps
Atrauma, Cilia and Dissecting Forceps
Diam-n-Dust Micro Ring Forceps
Diam-n-Dust Micro Suturing Forceps
Dressing and Micro Atrauma Forceps
Micro Ophthalmic Forceps
Micro Suturing and Splinter Forceps
UltraGripx Tungsten Carbide Forceps
Tissue Grasping and Tumor Grasping Forceps
Percussion and Sensibility Instr.
ENT Diagnostic Sets
Standard Laryngoscopes
Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes
Delicate Hooks
Lid Retractors & Saddle Hooks
Nasal Hooks
Nerve Hooks
Probes and Directors
Suction Tubes
Wound Retractors
General Retractors