ENT Instruments

Adenoid & Antrum Curettes
Alligator & Ear Forceps
Ear Polypus & Disimpaction Forceps
Broncho-Esophagoscopy Forceps
Goiter Grasping Forceps
Awls, Ear Catheters & Ear Hooks
Ear Polypus Snares
Ethmoid Forceps & Ear Syringes
Bone Files,Nasal Rasps, Gauze Packer
Ear Speculums
Laryngeal Forceps, Mastoid Rongeurs
Maxillofacial Osteotomes & Separators
Maxillofacial Surgery Elevators
Maxillofacial Surgery Retractors
Micro Alligator Forceps
Micro Ear Knives & Curettes
Mouth Gags
Nasal Cutting Forceps
Micro Ear Scissors
Nasal Hooks and Retractors
Nasal Polypus Forceps & Snares
Nasal Speculums & Saws
Nasal Tampon Forceps, Periosteal Elevators
Septum Chisels, Rhinoplastic Knives
Septum Elevators, Forceps & Gouges
Septum Osteotomes & Knives
Septum Straightening Forceps
Sinus Lift Curettes & Sphenoidal Punches
Tonsil Dissectors, Knives & Tongue Forceps
Tonsil Elevators, Forceps, Ligators & Punches
Tonsil Snares & Tonsillectomes
Tracheal Tubes, Retractors & Dilators
Tuning Forks & Tracheostomy Trocars
Tympanum Needles and Knives & Wire Loop Forceps